Parking System


2-6 Level Automatic Puzzle Parking Systems

Puzzle parking system is customized according to land. It can be 2 level, 3 level, 4 level, 5 level, 6 level. It is up to the limit height. It is divided into sedan and suv. And it is good if you offer your land area. As one semi auto parking system, it is very convient to park more cars. And it is used widely, such as parking lot, commercial buidling, residential......


Puzzle Parking System Semi Automatic Car Parking System

PSH - Utilize the lifting and sliding of the car loading plate to access vehicle. It is working principle is each parking space contains a car plate to reach the ground floor by lifting, lowering and sliding movement so that the driver is able to enter the garage and get access to the car.


2 Level Suspended Car Parking System

CPS - The suspension parking system is a two -layer vehicle parking lift for vertical storage and parking vehicles. The device raises the vehicle to the cantilever platform between shared legs, so that additional vehicles can be parked below. It is designed to be installed indoors and outdoors.


PCX Rotary Parking System

PCX - Rotary parking system is one of the most space-saving systems that allows you to park up to 16 SUVs or 20 sedans in only 2 conventional parking spaces. The system is independent, no parking attendant is required. By inputting a space code or swiping a pre-assigned card, the system can recognize your vehicle automatically and find the faster path to deliver your vehicle down to ground either clockwise or counterclockwise.

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