Underground Parking Lift


2 Level Scissor Parking Platform Underground Car Lift

CSL-3 specifically designed for everyday residential applications as a solution to maximize available space store cars and provide safety for dedicated and/or seasonal vehicles. Double lever scissors car parking platform is for private family,villa family double deck garage.One lift and two parking spaces to maximize your garage utilization.


CPT-2/4 Inclined Pit Parking Lift Underground Tilting Car Stacker

CPT-2/4 is the ideal solution for garages with low ceilings and reduces the mounting height by tilting the platform compared to the CPL-2/4. The CPT model represents an independent system in that cars can be picked up from higher floors without moving the lower cars, thanks to the help of the pit.


Motor Driven Pit Parking System

PJS - This parking system is designed 2-3 layers up and down as one unit. All spaces in the upper and lower spaces are unified together and improved together. Usually, the bottom space is under the ground of the mine. The top space and the ground are on the same line for cars directly. The bottom space can be parked, when it is improved.


CPL-2/4 Pit Parking Lift Underground Car Stacker

CPL-2/4 pit two post parking lifts, by platforms moving upwards from the pit or downwards to the pit, every vehicle can be parked or retrieved conveniently without moving any car else.


Underground Garbage Systems Hydraulic Scissor Lift

CTS - The overall use of hydraulic scissor lift principle, as need to take out the trash barrel, the scissor lift will lifting up, it is easy to take out the trash. This product is a garbage container to hide underground, effectively prevent mosquitoes and flies to the ground, to keep the environment clean and sanitary quality.

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