Automatic Tyre Changer


Automatic Tyre Changer And Helper

The function of the tyre changer is to remove and put on the tire. The tire removal machine has high working efficiency and strong adaptability, and does not damage the tire during the disassembly process. It can be widely used in the disassembly of large automobile tire rims in metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, water conservancy and other operations.


Truck Automatic Tyre Changer and Helper

It is unavoidable to change the tires regularly, which requires a key tool - a tire changer. Cherish has a complete range of tire changing machines, including large tires, small tires, and engineering tires.


Full Automatic Tyre Changer And Helper

Fully automatic car tire changing machine is generally applicable to cars, SUVs, commercial vehicles, light trucks. Columns, rocker arms are lengthened, and boxes are widened and heightened.


Automatic Racing Tyre Changer And Helper

Full automatic tyre changer is with double helper arms for handing wide, low profile and stiff tyres. And it is used pneumatic device, it will more safe and fast.

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