We offer parking solution, design car parking equipment, manufacture automated parking system, a wide range of parking lifts, multi-level car stackers, customized car lifting elevator and so on.

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Cherish was established in 2017, located in Qingdao which is east coast of China. We are committed to manufacturing, innovating, customizing and installing various car parking lift and parking system, such as simple parking lift, triple level car stacker, puzzle parking system, pit parking lift and so on.
By supplying high quality of product, cost effective parking solutions, good installation guidance service and after-sale service, Cherish has many customers from 100+ countries and regions. And there were 1000+ parking lifts and parking system on those countries and regions.
Based on CE and ISO, our products are strictly controlled quality and technology so as to ensure product high quality. Of course, we have a mature team including experienced engineers, technicians and after sale.
If you are in face of any car parking problems, we can offer the best parking solutions to you according to your requirements. Please remember our name: Qingdao Cherish Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Your reliable parking solution supplier.

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3000kg Capacity Scissor Platform Hoist

The scissor lift is customized according to land. This orange lift can load 3000kg, lifting height is 3500mm. It will be used for lifting car indoor, so powder coating surface treatment is suit. And bright color will warn the safe when using it.
  • Parking Lifts with Powder Coating Surface Treatment

    Powder coating is a surface treatment method used to apply a decorative and protective finish to various materials, typically metals such as steel or aluminum. Powder coating offers several advantages over other surface treatment methods, including durability, resistance to chipping, scratching, fading, and corrosion, as well as a wide range of colors and finishes. It's commonly used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, architecture, furniture, and more, for both decorative a
  • 12 Sets Three Car Stacker Are Producing

    12 sets triple level parking lift are producing, they were finished folding and welding. Next they will be coated. Generally, one 40GP container can load 12 sets 3 cars stacker parking lift. This lift can load max 2000kg per level, lifting height is 2100mm or 1800mm. It is suit for most of cars.
  • Hydraulic Car Lift Scissor Platform Hoist

    Scissor platform hoist is customized according to your land. For example, if your lifting capacity is 5000kg, the size of platform is 5000mm*2300mm, lifting height is 2100mm. It can lift car or goods. And this hoist has two types of scissor structure. If your platform is too large, it will use double scissor to keep safe. All is up to your requirements.
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